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Since 2016, “Ramen Mian Mian Ju Dao” was first established, has set up a clear development objective: we would like to become a Luxembourg quick-service food chain based on Chinese noodles.

We have chosen the right time and the right product: traditional handmade “Chinese ramen”. 

We combine Chinese traditional flavours with local  Luxembourgish ingredients.

We continually innovate and develop our products to introduce the culture of ramen to the world. 

Our business model and competitive advantages have allowed us to stand out in the quick-service food restaurants in Luxembourg.

The service and quality of our restaurant have made us gain the trust and support of our customers.


Registered the trademark for the Benelux


Received the certificate for the Benelux trademark and logo of "Ramen Mian Mian Ju Dao”


Submitted the application of EU trademark (EUTM) and the second restaurant was opened in the center of Luxembourg city


Received the certificate for the EU trademark and started developing a franchise business

The concept of “Ramen Mian Mian Ju Dao” has progressed steadily and rapidly towards its development goals. To promote our brand and extend our experience, from 2020, we have started looking for Franchisees who understand our visions and our values as well as welling to work together for the success of the brand. We truly believe in the potential of “ Ramen Mian Mian Ju Dao", with our future partners, we will write a beautiful pages in the glorious history of our brand.

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